About us

Hjerleid scool- and craftcenter

Hjerleid School and Craft Centre is a melting pot of traditional learning. The Centre is based at Hjerleid in Dovre, in the county of Oppland.

The central elements at Hjerleid School and craftcentre are:

- Woodcarving education

- Blacksmithing education

- Craft training in (among others) timber framing, wood turning, blacksmithing and other crafts

- Weekend Courses

- Consultation Service

- Visitors' centre with the School museum. 

- Research

- Workshop Community

- Bringing together creative learning

Hjerleid school and craft center is a co-location for cultural industries based on Dovre.
Today we offer education in Woodcarving and blacksmithing. We organize and offer a broad selection of week and weekend courses in, among other woodcarving, blacksmithing, painting, woodturning, icon painting and tool sharpening.


A creative and hands-on school year
One year at Hjerleid school and craft center is not like any other. Here you get the opportunity to work with hands-on tasks large parts of your school day. The school offers one year education in

  • Woodcarving

  • Blacksmithing

  • Traditional buildingtecniques 

  • Traditional painting

The school year starts August and lasts until June. The school days will start at 8.00 AM and ends at 3.30 PM. The workshops will also be open for the students after the schools opening hours to give students the opportunity to practice as much as possible.

For more information contact us at: post@hjerleid.no

Application form you can find here.

Admission rules Handverksskolen.


Jøndalsvegen 3 B, 2662 Dovre
Tlf. (+47) 61 24 05 51 / (+47) 932 81 930